On Survival

  • Where there’s a 'Mike Will There’s a way' comin' at you from the limitless ocean.
  • Kill, fear, dark, war, bleeding, without, no, stop, never, and worst. These are the most viewed and clicked on news headlines.
  • Big numbers, the bigger the better, beginner’s guides do it yourself, get rich and smart fast, in 5 minutes, life hacks, and bold claims.  
  • It’s not true. Most of what you’ve been told are lies so that you kick into survival mode and you set off a chain of reactions in life, ultimately making you spend more money.
  • The truth is it’s focus intensity, desire, practice, morals, character, and compassion that hold value.
  • I have a vision for a different world, one where everyone flows in music to one another with a healthy intent of helping and healing. A world where people love themselves, and love one another, working together in harmony.

  • Be a thinker and creator. A master of your destiny.
  • I’ve got a whole bunch of easy solutions and ways we can take action without some crazy negative scenario. Just google Mike Will Downey and follow me on whatever social media you want. Until next time, Peace!


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