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What's a quick introduction about you?

I graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Communications. I attended University of Denver University for a Masters in Business Administration and completed a one year business mentorship program at Harvard University.

I have over 20 years experience running various businesses ranging from music publishing, event production, real estate management, and sports marketing.  

I’ve been independent since I was 16, funded all of my schooling myself and struggled hard to run my businesses. Along the way, I learned many valuable life lessons that have helped me establish who I am today.

What kind of a childhood did you have?

Growing up in Granville, Ohio on a farm was not easy. I was bullied and outcasted because I grew up on a farm and had no fashion sense or much parental directions. I wore heavy, thick rimmed glasses and wore whatever my parents could afford, which usually meant, mismatched or dorky clothes. Because of my “unique” look, I was rejected many times at school and bullied for being me. I had no choice but to resort to friendships with my 22 animals on the farm.

How did that help you?

Looking back, I am glad I went through that experience of being bullied because I can empathize with those who are the underdogs of society. I learned compassion through taking care of farm animals and developed a need to serve the underdogs of the music industry.

Through Sound Saves, we spread hope for the underserved and undiscovered market. Because I know what it feels like to come from a place of lack, I positioned my company to contribute to social impact solutions that involve sharing stories of those whose lives have changed for the better by way of music, promoting music’s healing properties using binaural beats, changing our music back to 432 MHz and involvement with organizations that are like minded.

What connects you with music’s hip-hop industry:

Most of our music catalog is labeled “hip-hop” and are best for Rappers and Hip-Hop Artists. Because of my best friend and former business partner, G, who recently passed away, I have connected with the Rap industry and can relate to the Artists who have struggled.

I lived in the ghetto of Columbus, Ohio and have seen the depths and destruction of drugs. I had a gun pointed at me and have survived the possibility of getting killed. I’ve conquered the high stress world of cold calling. My compassion led me to serving my communities. Contributing with projects such as helping build a playground for kids, helping build a house for a family in the Juarez, Mexico barrio, after school programs at Save Our Youth, and organizing charity events.

I have experienced financial loss through bankruptcy and loss of my best friend and business partner, ultimately surviving on hand-outs at one point in my life.

I learned the hard way. Bullied in my youth, I had to invent the game. I had to learn what and who is real, and who is fake. I developed an internal GPS, followed my heart, and learned how to get along with people as well as stay young in spirit and mind. I found bottomless resources of self-confidence and self-love.

Give us some life advice
Throughout the course of my life I have experienced many ways of making myself more productive, physically, and mentally. The value of hard work on a farm combined with having to find my own way to college and throughout life helped me establish independence and self reliance. Having tons of energy and enthusiasm is essential. 

Thorough research required for writing, meeting deadlines, as well as participating in entrepreneur forums brought me the necessary wisdom that I turn into stories along my journey of consistent results. One of the simple things I do is removing phrases like "I can't, or I want" from my vocabulary, as well as any thoughts holding me back from my dreams.

What's your competitive advantage?

I've combined the principles of teamwork in sports, modern branding, marketing and customer service, with music, media, and film. I know how to sell experiences and create repeat customers.

Why did you produce events in Colorado?

It was a combination of wanting to be accepted by the community, along with the enjoyment I got out of seeing happy customers. 

I've planned thousands of corporate events, parties, sports leagues, music festivals, tournaments and charity events.

Who are some of the clients you've worked with? 

I conducted public relations campaigns with athletes including NBA basketball player Carmelo Anthony, Dexter Fowler, Carlos Gonzalez, Wesley Woodyard, Knowshon Moreno, D.J. Williams, and music artists including Kid Ink, Avicii, Juicy J, and many more.

How does faith play a role in your life?

When I reflect back on my journey, I have to give the glory to God. I’ve derived my strength, talent, and determination to succeed through faith and love. God has instilled in me the power to renew my focus each day.

What are your goals in working with musicians?

We go the extra mile. I want to help artists and producers get to the point of getting guarantees for their work.

With all the competition, how can one be successful in music?

The majority of the business is organizational. A lot of data entry, emails, social media, web actions, click throughs, and phone calls.

What did you learn in the time you spent in New York City?

The time I spent in New York was invaluable. I learned the ins and outs of the advertising industry, I helped a global sports technology company get off the ground, and I learned that all cultures and people from all over the world can actually co-exist within a five block radius.

What Role Has Mentorship Played in Your Life?
I learned the extraordinary value of networking for startup companies. The most successful companies are the ones that have experienced leaders who can approach investors directly without the help of middlemen and agents. By participating in Monday Club of Southern California’s entrepreneur forums, I have learned incubators, accelerators and job coaches will not give you what you really need to start your business, you need someone with exceptional experience.

Founded by our business mentor Dr. Haney, Monday Club is a 700-member mentoring organization that has helped over 225 companies in the last 31 years. Monday Club helps companies stand a better chance of raising capital through limitless resources.  Along with my girlfriend, Barbra Ongwico, we created the current website, contribute resources, and evaluate business presentations for Monday Club.

What is your ultimate dream?

The dream is to automate the music publishing industry empowering independent musicians, write an amazing book, give big motivational speeches, and take on tough challenges like the environment, education, poverty, spirituality, and healthcare.


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