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10 Steps to Create a Movie

Film Concept - an idea or belief around which to tell a story. Propose ideas for approval by executive producer.
Write your script - a written screenplay detailing story, settings, and dialogue.
Draw storyboards for your film - sketches created by an illustrator to communicate changes of action or plot in a scene.
Funding your film - find financing for the film so you're able to access proper equipment and staff.
How to find Cast and Crew for your film - devote time to get necessary cast to fill roles.
Scouting for Locations - visit as many locations as possible to get the right "on location" shot.
Preparing a Shooting Script - break film into scenes placed in order of filming.
Organizing a Schedule - creating a schedule gives you control over the day-to-day shooting.
Writing and Distributing Call Sheets - a calendar of when each member should arrive for make up and what time actors are due on set.
Equipment for filming - acquiring proper equipment to film the movie on certain bu…

Bay Area's DecadeZ Scores Placements with E-40, Danny Brown, Tyga, SchoolBoy Q, & Management Deal

After years of producing, touring with his underground group “The Local Celebrities” & building his brand within the California music scene from the Bay Area as far down as Los Angeles it was in 2008 that, DecadeZ (then age 17), by chance met Mugzi & E-40. That chance encounter created a multitude of opportunities in which DecadeZ’s name began to spread even more rapidly than before. As time went on, his relationship grew with both Mugzi & E-40.

Being as young as DecadeZ was at the time, it intrigued Mugzi in particular due to the fact that DecadeZ was originally from Bakersfield,CA and had found his way all the way to the bay to network out of his element. This fire inside of DecadeZ made Mugzi & E-40 take him in as one of their own & from there…. the rest has been history. DecadeZ hails out of the west coast as one of the most creative artists to emerge in years. Working with artists such as E-40, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Keak Da Sneak, The Pack (The group who crea…

Stand Out Music

We swim in a sea of messages – mass media, music, film, comedy, etc. Each day the sea gets more water and each drop in order to stand out must have its own DNA, it's own story, its own energy – something that stands out as a unique piece of work. It must be fresh and it must be unique!
I’ve worked in the music and entertainment industry for fifteen years. Not one year has been easy. 
Imagine for a second what it looks like to spend quality time with family, friends or even an acquaintance. What are you doing, where are you spending time together? What do you talk about? All of these factors contribute to the experience of a connection you feel toward a certain person. Now think about how you could satisfy your desire to feel a connection if you couldn’t meet face-to-face. With today’s busy world, it becomes more difficult to get connected. Your music must connect with people. 
This is where social media comes into play. By reaching out to others through social media web sites, pe…

Creating An Authentic On-Camera Persona

Creating An Authentic On-Camera Persona
It's hard to step on camera for the first time, especially when there's pressure to be "authentic." I asked around the office for people's tips for keeping it real on screen.
My best suggestions are to have a script written up in advance, and understand the main concepts of what you are trying to convey in the video.  I think the planning part is pretty crucial - if you get in the head of your viewer, you'll understand what type of value they will want to get from watching the video, so your answer (i.e. script) will be designed for them. Then, force memorization, and don't use a teleprompter device - it's impossible to be authentic with a teleprompter!  Finally, work with a good director, who can spot when you are being authentic and call you on it if you aren't. 
I think an authentic on-camera persona is best created by taking a relaxed, not-in-yo-face attitude. Talking to the camera like it's one of your…

On Characters

Here is a great Character Building Questionnaire so you can develop your next awesome character for your story:

What's your character's name, middle initial, and nickname? What are his or her physical characteristics?: Height, weight, eye color, hair color, etc.Are there any strange or unique physical attributes? What's their favorite clothing style or outfit? Where does he or she live? What is it like there? Defining gestures / movements (i.e. curling his or her lip when he or she speaks, always keeping his or her eyes on the ground, intense energy bursts.)Things about his or her appearance he or she would most like to change. What are your characters' pet peeves? What is their food preference? What do they order for lunch or dinner?What are their relaxing activities? Hobbies and interests?What's your character's vice? Maybe they are a compulsive spender, innocuous, habitual over-consumption of sweets.Your character's situation will help define how you shap…