Stand Out Music

We swim in a sea of messages – mass media, music, film, comedy, etc. Each day the sea gets more water and each drop in order to stand out must have its own DNA, it's own story, its own energy – something that stands out as a unique piece of work. It must be fresh and it must be unique!

I’ve worked in the music and entertainment industry for fifteen years. Not one year has been easy. 

Imagine for a second what it looks like to spend quality time with family, friends or even an acquaintance. What are you doing, where are you spending time together? What do you talk about? All of these factors contribute to the experience of a connection you feel toward a certain person. Now think about how you could satisfy your desire to feel a connection if you couldn’t meet face-to-face. With today’s busy world, it becomes more difficult to get connected. Your music must connect with people. 

This is where social media comes into play. By reaching out to others through social media web sites, people are able to be apart of each other’s lives if they aren’t there physically. You can experience a child growing up through pictures and videos posted on Facebook. Paired with postings about the new milestones the child is reaching, you are able to put together a story of the child’s life even if you can’t be there to see it. 

Furthermore, social media makes it possible to find friends you have lost touch with, make new friends, network and promote your business. With digital communication, people have found a new sense of importance. You can share your thoughts and opinions and be able to understand the thinking of others. Blogging lets people show their passion to the world and creates a sense of empowerment to know other people are out there listening. 

Virtual communication is not a substitute for the real thing, but it has a way of bringing people together over great distances. It is essential to keep the physical connection alive, but also to pair it with digital communication. 

Finding a balance between these two things will prove to be beneficial to anyone. 

In order to accomplish this you have to really convince executive producers, engineers, arrangers,

What do you expect to get out of the music industry?

What do you think the music industry expects of you?

How serious are you about being a creative artist, entertainer, or producer?

What is your action plan to prove that?

How much time, effort, and money are you willing to invest to make your career goals come true?

What sacrifices are you willing to make?

How do you feel about the current entertainment industry and where do you think you fit in?

Who do you consider to be the most influential entertainer of your time?

Did you know, in today's market, it requires about a million dollars to release ONE single on radio, and major distribution release on an international level?


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