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Humanity in creative digital advertising trends

We live in a time flush with technology, and we are in a perpetual effort to keep up.

Truly creative digital advertising trends also have to keep pace. In fact, you could argue that the definition of creative advertising is to stay a step ahead of the pace.
In the coming year, we can expect more augmented reality. We can expect digital video advertising in our messenger apps. Advertisers and content creators need to find new ways to cut through the noise and connect. Again, we ask: how? Cut through it all by connecting to the humans behind the devices. Star Wars may be a multibillion-dollar industry, but isn’t it just about the kid in us all playing make-believe? Show off the tech, but connect to who we are. Connecting the product to a diverse range of ages and backgrounds is a trend in the advertising industry This ad for the Google pixel 2 AR Last Jedi stickers is immensely effective. Look at all the dots they connect. Love of fantasy. Nostalgia for the IP of Star Wars. Diversity. Ou…