10 Steps to Create a Movie

  1. Film Concept - an idea or belief around which to tell a story. Propose ideas for approval by executive producer.
  2. Write your script - a written screenplay detailing story, settings, and dialogue.
  3. Draw storyboards for your film - sketches created by an illustrator to communicate changes of action or plot in a scene.
  4. Funding your film - find financing for the film so you're able to access proper equipment and staff.
  5. How to find Cast and Crew for your film - devote time to get necessary cast to fill roles.
  6. Scouting for Locations - visit as many locations as possible to get the right "on location" shot.
  7. Preparing a Shooting Script - break film into scenes placed in order of filming.
  8. Organizing a Schedule - creating a schedule gives you control over the day-to-day shooting.
  9. Writing and Distributing Call Sheets - a calendar of when each member should arrive for make up and what time actors are due on set.
  10. Equipment for filming - acquiring proper equipment to film the movie on certain budget is essential for creating the movie. 


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