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Why Character is so important to your story

Let your characters take you where they take you. Let them speak to you. Your characters are the baseboards.

Ad infinitum, every good story is a combination of many pieces working well together - plot, theme, action, dialogue, the point of view, backstory, conflict, humor, pacing, setting, and subtext. Take a piece out of this puzzle and the whole thing collapses. Not one of the pieces is more vital than character.

All the subplots, shocking twists, and complex philosophical themes are great, but stories will always be about people.

Sure, readers want thrilling, mind-tingling plots. They want intimacy, suspense, action, and intrigue. But none of this compares to a character.

We need characters who are real and make us understand something about life that we may have missed, or affirm what we already appreciate. They need personal magnetism.

The goal is to neutralize the Director. Give your characters soul!

Spotting Inciting and Key Events


April 2017 update

Another birthday on the horizon.

If time is flying it never stops to use the restroom or pick up its mobile order at Starbucks (SBUX on NASDAQ)

Been writing and working like crazy.

Movie Update

Jordan Downey and Kevin Stewart just wrapped their horror flick 'The Head' in Portugal.

Music Update

Vocirus is a beast on the instrumentals.  Kajmir Royale is killin it as usual. Karmic is going on tour in Austria and was featured on Spotify's Weekly Buzz playlist last week.

Business Update

Monday Club continues to bring exciting presenters. So far this year Knox Labs and Unified are really impressing startups.

Parcel Pending is pleasing property managers in the multi-housing industry quite a bit.

Adrian Kinney has taken over Colorado as the Mid-Century Modern Expert.

Modern Christmas Trees may be on Shark Tank this year!

Over and out. Back to work

Script Reader checklist

Checklist A: Concept & Plot#1. Imagine the trailer. Is the concept marketable? #2. Is the premise naturally intriguing — or just average, demanding perfect execution? #3. Who is the target audience? Would your parents go see it? #4. Does your story deal with the most important events in the lives of your characters? #5. If you’re writing about a fantasy-come-true, turn it quickly into a nightmare-that-won’t-end. #6. Does the screenplay create questions: will he find out the truth? Did she do it? Will they fall in love? Has a strong ‘need to know’ hook been built into the story? #7. Is the concept original? #8. Is there a goal? Is there pacing? Does it build? #9. Begin with a punch, end with a flurry. #10. Is it funny, scary, or thrilling? All three? #11. What does the story have that the audience can’t get from real life? #12. What’s at stake? Life and death situations are the most dramatic. Does the concept create the potential for the characters lives to be changed? #13. What are the obstac…


The following is a list of mannerisms that comes in handy while writing. 

What comes to mind when you think of mannerisms? 
Who do you see and what are they doing?

Here's the list!
• Biting fingernails • Jiggling leg up and down • Tapping foot • Twirling hair • Running fingers through hair or tucking hair behind ear.  • Smacking gum • Whistling • Slurping • Burping • Yawning • Glancing at watch • Talking with a full mouth • Potty mouth • Eye-rolling • Constantly apologizing • Snapping fingers • Cracking knuckles (cliche) • Humming • Stuttering
Apprehension: Locked ankles Anticipation: Rubbing hands Anger, frustration, apprehension: Hands clasped behind back Boredom: Prolonged tilted head, Sitting with legs crossed, foot kicking slightly, Head resting in hand, eyes downcast Confidence, superiority: Sitting with hands clasped behind head, legs crossed. Brisk, erect walk Doubt, disbelief: Rubbing the eye. Defensive: Arms crossed on chest. Dejection: Walking with hands in pockets, shoulders hunched. Looks down, fac…