Speaking Topics

Having worked in sports, film, music, philanthropy, and business for 22 years, Mike Will Downey has knowledge on how business, marketing, and sales works.

He is available for trade shows, conventions, tours, and conferences. The following are speaking topics you can choose from and custom tailor a presentation for your group or business:

A Golden Heart
Topics: Compassion, Purpose, and Destiny

Many people suffer from doubt, self confidence, and self esteem issues. Mr. Downey talks about overcoming bullies, looking within, connecting with feelings, overcoming depression, empathy, and listening to your heart. Ultimately this leads to building wealth and health. Lessons and exercises include goal-setting, visioning, positive attitude, asking, believing, and receiving.

Mega Dojo
Topics: Teamwork, Performance, Collaboration

Athletes, heroes, role models. Achieve peak performance, collaboration, Mike has completed leadership ropes courses, as well as USA Today leadership courses. Using gratitude, equal distribution, and peer-to-peer feedback, Mr. Downey sets you on the course for great teamwork. Great for business groups, sales and development teams.

Why Buy
Topics: Sales, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management

Focusing on customer psychology, Mr. Downey explains the why prospects turn into customers and how to manage and maintain prospect and return on relationships. Tapping into the human element, Mr. Downey talks about how to overcome the disappointment of a no and focus on the  euphoria of a YES. Great for companies looking for a boost in sales and marketing. Includes exercises and take homes.

Entertaining Stories
Topics: Screenwriting, structure, book writing, transmedia, and more.

Entertainment, movies, media, Writing films, books, and press releases requires knowledge of structure, character, and getting to the heart of the story.

Value Based Marketing
Topics: Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Cause Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing

What is it’s real value? Why will they buy it? Why will it be better than the competition? Then you need a marketing strategy that defines how far you will take your idea. The farther you can take your ideas without huge advertising costs, the greater the value you hold. Mr. Downey uses his creativity, concepts, and idea generation to quickly solve marketing challenges.

Business Building
Topics: Raising capital, career paths, company building, accelerators, incubators, angel investors, venture capitalist, avoiding fatal mistakes. 

Starting a Company can be grueling as Mr. Downey has found. His understanding that every company . Who to listen to, how to avoid invisible pitfalls, top ten reasons why start-ups fail, how to value your company, growth strategies. Talking about how to prevent unemployment and sustain start-ups by solving the problems at the root.


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