• Built for Guy Philips & Bruce Mitchell in Athens, Ohio to market and display over $2 million of rental property. 
  • Self taught HTML code and created the Ohio University yearbook web site. 
  • Sold video tape and DVD collection for $2,500 in 1999. 
  • Social chairman Lambda Chi Alpha. 
  • Designed INCO 321 web site
  • Managed PM Management 
  • Pioneered stand-up comedy at Night Court by doing a 2-hour comedy routine. 
  • Obtained Notary Public license and graduated from Real Estate license classes in Ohio. 
  • Worked for United Acquisition Services in Dublin, Ohio.
  • Helped Barry Wurgler with Shucking Bubba Deluxe.
  • Created Interactive disc to obtain job in Denver, CO. 
  • Built VHS and DVD collection of 3,000 movies and sold the collection for $5,000.
  • Sold Web sites for Stellar Web Studios now Ixion Development 
  • Interviewed QB Ben Roethelsiberger for the University of Miami at Colorado State University
  • Volunteered for Denver SchmoozeIt! at the Museum of Culural Arts Denver, CO. 
  • Co-founded In-Theory Media and Vector Victor. 
  • Skied Vail, Beaver Creek, 
  • helped start Save Our You Explorers Program
  • Designed Holiday Inn web site. 
  • Aspire Leadership conference for Ohio University (Jan 17-20 2002)
  • Ran Littleton Stride 10k
  • President of Ohio University Alumni Association in Colorado (Rocky Mountain Bobcats)
  • Ran the 8k Race for Global Warming in Denver, CO
  • Managed the iTeam at Save Our Youth
  • Ran Cherry Creek Sneak 8k 
  • Climbed Mount Quandry, Bross, and Lincoln in Colorado
  • Mexico Mission trip to build a house for a family in the barrio with Save Our Youth (Aug 2-7, 2002)
  • Helped with Grand Lake Malibu Regatta
  • Mountain biked all around Boulder, CO
  • Organized the first Rocky Mountain Kickball tournament
  • Denver Chamber of Commerce Ambassador (2001-2003)
  • Internet Chamber of Commerce (2000-2005)
  • Top in sales at Stellar Web Studios and i-MediaWorld. 
  • Volunteered at SchmoozeIt! (Denver 2001)
  • Volunteered at Boulder County AIDS Walk
  • White Water Rafting on Colorado River (2000)


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