On Struggle

Do you ever feel like you are struggling?

Struggling to fit in, find love, money, help, or material items? Struggling with depression or anger? We all struggle. #1 reason seeing the doctor is anxiety - STRESS!

The solution is simple. Identify the problem within yourself. Take the time to look inside yourself and learn what makes you happy within first. Deeply learn who you really are and why?  

Next look at how your environment is... If your environment is sick..  you have the wrong friends… too many drugs .. too much liquor… it’s not conducive to your well being and growth. You won’t evolve. Instead of trying to fit in…Ask yourself why? What is causing this?

Look at how you got to that struggle. Society conditions you to adapt to an environment that doesn’t promote your spiritual growth or evolution as a human, but we try to adjust to society or people who are not aligned with us. Why would you conform to that if you’re fine? Stop trying to control your outcomes.

If you are struggling, the struggle is within.


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