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In my experience using social media, since it's creation, this is a bit of my advice. If you would like more info or to ask a specific question contact Mike Will Downey at mike@5IV0.com 


Create a strategy with the specifics of your brand in mind. 

These brief questions will help us to study your customer base and gear content targeted not only about your brand, but aspects of their life they care about that relate to what you do. 

With proper planning you will release fresh, personalized content related to your brand and what you want people to associate with your business. 

Mission statement. What are you are looking to accomplish with your blog? MS: To enrich the lives of teens and young adults through inspiration, education, and active style.

What are elements from your brand that lead to specific topics that you want discussed on your Blog/Facebook/Twitter/etc?

What content will stick with that will spark and keep the interest of your current followers and help get more?

What are the items you want to see on your page to interest your followers?

Who are your competitors, and of those competitors do any social media strategy you find impressive and would like to emulate?

What other companies would you like to emulate in your strategy?

What else would you like to see in your strategy that might be a little bit outside the box?

Updates to Google have made keywords more and more important. 

We need to make sure your content contained the keywords and terms you are looking for. Please list your top 10 words you need included, then if you would like you can expand that to 30. 

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