On Writing

I've been writing since I was 7 years old - historical pieces, fiction, articles, and film reviews.

Whether you want to write a romance story about love, put your life memoir into words, publish your non-fiction essays or your travels, document past time periods in historical fiction, or let a mystery unfold. Or perhaps you want to pen an exciting adventure, poem, musings, uplifting inspirational story, bring joy to children in a story, chill readers in a horror, or write about the extraordinary in a fantasy or science fiction.

Whichever type of story you wish to write, here are some of the tips I've learned for great writing:
  • Craft magnetism and suspense. 
  • Open with a bang. 
  • Use persuasive words. 
  • Write really good sentences. 
  • Insert great bullet points. 
  • Create exquisite subheads. 
  • Tell a seductive story. 
  • Keep attention with internal cliffhangers. 
  • Choose stylish and arresting images. 
  • Be authentic.


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