On Faith

When I reflect back on my journey, I have to give the glory to God. I’ve derived my strength, talent, and determination to succeed through faith and love. God has instilled in me the power to renew my focus each day.

It is my life goal to use the talents and gifts bestowed upon me by God to bring glory, love, and light into the lives of those around me. My objective is use storytelling, writing, music, and film as the platform to shed hope into lives worldwide. In today’s world faith can mean a lot of different things to each individual. The Bible says “now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. I hope to bring faith into the lives of those who have none, or have lost it along their journey through life. I’m living proof that through faith in God all things are possible.

I challenge every individual to lead your life with faith that God will see you through the good and bad times of your life. Faith that God will give you the strength to overcome all challenges, and faith that God has undying and everlasting love for you.

- Mike Will Downey


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