On Editing

Be Your Own Editor

Here's an interesting way you can edit your own material.

Follow these steps to have the best success.


  1. Is your purpose stated clearly? 
  2. Are there specific requests for action or information? 
  3. Is it accurate, complete, and is there the right amount of detail? 
  4. What is your sequence? 
  5. Is your bottom line at the top and strategically placed?
  6. Are your organization and ideas flowing logically? 


  1. Is there enough headlines, sidelines, and lists? 
  2. Is there enough white space to frame your ideas? 
  3. Are your deadlines and action items highlighted?


  1. Would a chart, table, or graph be more effective for certain information? 
  2. Begin with topic sentence, focus on one topic, transitions with and in between.
  3. Limit to 5-6 lines for your paragraph.
  4. Sentences need to be varied in structure, length, and streamlined to 15-20 words.
  5. Tone and style needs to be simple, specific, straightforward, and free of affection and stuffy outdated language.
  6. Acronyms need to be explained. 
  7. Terminology needs to be familiar to readers. 
  8. Headlines designed for impact. 


  1. Personal, Upbeat, and Direct.
  2. Positive approach.
  3. Active voice.
  4. Is it appropriate for the audience? 


  1. Check your Grammar, Spelling, and Punctation for accuracy. 
  2. Typographical errors need to be corrected. 
  3. Is your new data highlighted?

Someone should proof read your work.

So, there you have it.

The Be your own editor checklist.


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