On Film Production

In my experience these are the top areas you must excel at during film production. This is just a short look into the business. I'll post more soon.


First are you going to write your own, or are you going to go out and acquire one? If there is source material - say it's already a book or something like that needs to be adapted, then are you going to purchase the copyright of those rights, or are you going to option the rights? An option gives you a certain amount of time to make that movie before it becomes a purchase. The rights may or may not revert back to the original owner if that option is or isn't exercised.


You need to hire your writers if you aren't already purchasing a screenplay. You need to do storyboards, package it, come up with a budget, hire a Director, and come up with a complete analysis of all costs.

Now you need your financing. Either you are going to get it from a studio or you will get it independently from investors. If you are going to get it independently you can get bank GAPP financing to fill your void, a bank discount of foreign pre-sales, and you can also get licensing of worldwide rights.

Studio Financing

This works a bit different because you will have to assign the worldwide rights to the studio, they produce it, distribute it worldwide in all media, pay the producer fees up front, recoup the distribution fees and production costs.

Residuals are paid to unions and guilds. If any cast or crew signed on for less pay or gross participation comes from net profits paid say to studio, cast, producers, and other creative personnel.

Independent Financing

Get a independent financing sales agent, equity investor or domestic studio deal for 35-50%. License the domestic and worldwide rights each. Repay the production, cast, and sales agent fees plus expenses. Pass on the residuals to the investors and producers.


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