Modern Christmas Tree Paired With Iconic Hollywood Hills Stahl House

Modern Christmas Tree Paired With
Iconic Hollywood Hills Stahl House
Los Angeles “Case Study House #22”
Hosts The Modern Christmas Tree 
In a marriage of two classic modern designs, the legendary “Stahl House”, located in Hollywood Hills overlooking the Los Angeles skyline, hosted The Modern Christmas Tree.
The meeting was documented in a recent photo shoot conducted by Matt Bliss and shot by JC Buck. The photographs were previewed at the Los Angeles Convention Center at the Dwell on Design show, and will be released to the public in the fall of 2015.
“The opportunity to film my Grandfather’s Modern Christmas Tree in the “Stahl House” was truly a dream come true,” says Bliss. “The house has amazing glass walls that hang over Hollywood Hills. The way the light from the tree illuminates onto the steel beams of the broad spanning roof provide the perfect canvas to show the true beauty of the tree.”
About Modern Christmas Trees
The Modern Christmas Tree, was originally invented by engineer and designer Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker in the mid-1960’s. The contemporary holiday tree is made of concentric acrylic rings, decorated with chandelier crystals and ornaments. The tree hangs from the ceiling and is illuminated by a spot light from underneath the tree, projecting shadows and reflections throughout the room.
The tree and this Stoecker family tradition are carried on by Bud’s grandson Matt Bliss who patented the design in 2012. Stoecker suffered from Alzheimer’s and sadly passed away a week before the patent was issued. Weeks later members of the Stoecker family celebrated his life at an exhibition of his trees at the original Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim California. The exhibit continues to be a part of Disney’s annual holiday festivities.
Bliss, a modern design and architecture enthusiast from Colorado, makes the trees available to people throughout the world, donating a portion of the proceeds the Alzheimer’s Association in his Grandpa’s name. See the pictures StahlHouse
About the Stahl House
This legendary Los Angeles home was the dream of Buck and Carlotta Stahl who with the help of architect Pierre Koenig created a mid-century modern masterpiece that is still owned by the family today. This home was later immortalized by the great architectural photographer Julius Shulman in 1960 the photos of which have been viewed by millions of people throughout the world.
For high resolution photos or more information contact or 303-885-4153
Photography by JC Buck 


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