April 2017 update

Another birthday on the horizon.

If time is flying it never stops to use the restroom or pick up its mobile order at Starbucks (SBUX on NASDAQ)

Been writing and working like crazy.

Movie Update

Jordan Downey and Kevin Stewart just wrapped their horror flick 'The Head' in Portugal.

Music Update

Vocirus is a beast on the instrumentals.  Kajmir Royale is killin it as usual. Karmic is going on tour in Austria and was featured on Spotify's Weekly Buzz playlist last week.

Business Update

Monday Club continues to bring exciting presenters. So far this year Knox Labs and Unified are really impressing startups.

Parcel Pending is pleasing property managers in the multi-housing industry quite a bit.

Adrian Kinney has taken over Colorado as the Mid-Century Modern Expert.

Modern Christmas Trees may be on Shark Tank this year!

Over and out. Back to work


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